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Shipping Containers London offer all different types of containers nationwide

Shipping containers are so durable they can be made into almost anything! We are proud to be a division of Containers 4 Sale UK Ltd a leading well established container company based in the UK. Please feel free to contact our friendly sales team for more information or to purchase or hire your container.

Most of our converted containers are made to order, so they are based on the individual customer requirements …. so send us your spec and we can build it!

We have all different size containers anything from 6ft all the way up to 45ft in length! We also have different types of container… here are some of the examples below…

20ft Shipping Containers & 40ft Shipping Containers London Sizes and Types

  • 20ft shipping containers & 40ft shipping containers
  • 20ft storage containers & 40ft storage containers
  • 10ft storage containers & 10ft shipping containers
  • High cube containers
  • Ply lined containers
  • Tunnel-Tainers
  • Full side opening containers
  • Open top containers
  • Newly converted containers
  • Converted containers
  • Bunded containers
  • Conversions
  • Size conversion, and many more

We offer a nationwide supply of all the above types of containers. We also sell converted containers available in new and used with the option of newly converted or converted. Newly converted containers means it would be cut down from a bigger container and made to order in our depot. Or we have standard converted containers which are brand new containers manufactured as per order and shipped over from the Far East.

Shipping Containers London can convert any kind of container to anything you want. If you send us your specification we can get the best possible competitive price to you.

We have many more containers available to buy. Shipping Containers London have industry knowledge of around 25 years plus so why not call today for a free quotation or even just some general advice.

20+ft+double+door+container  10-green-refurb-001-300x22520ft-new-one-way-shipped-blue-container